Great dough is the secret to great pizza. Ours begins days ahead, with quality flour and yeast, care, and enough time for the dough to properly rise and ferment to develop optimal consistency and flavor. On top of our delicious dough, we spread a thick layer of our signature pizza sauce, made in-house with hand-crushed tomatoes that we simmer along with herbs and spices to create the richest, most flavorful pizza sauce in Los Cabos. For cheese, we use a blend of imported Mozzarella and Provolone, grated fresh in-house for the perfect melty, gooey, crispy, saucy finish. We have all the classics: cheese, pepperoni, hawwaiian, vegetarian and a chef's combo... but if you want other toppings you can bring them to our store in San Jose del Cabo, and we'll make you a custom pizza with whatever you'd like!

Deep dish lovers be warned--our pizza is New York style, with your choice of crust, either hand-tossed (16 inch) or traditional thin crust (18 in). We cook our pizzas in a classic brick pizza oven at over 600 degrees for an awesome, authentic flavor that's hard to find anywhere else in Mexico.